Our team

  • Eduard Meladze
    Chief Technologist

    Chief Technologist of "Isometics" LLC Eduard embodies our company's aspiration for continuous improvement and use of innovation. A graduate of Voronezh Technical University as an engineer-technologist, a high-level professional, more than 15 years working in the field of refractories, gold medal winner "Specialist 2013" by National Business Rating of Russian Federation, Eduard is sincerely enthusiastic about our business and inspire with his interest in using of the latest technical innovations the whole team of our company.

  • Alfred Shagapov
    Chief Designer

    Chief Designer of "Isometics" LLC Alfred for many years has been working in the strategically important industries and the military industrial complex (construction of tanks for the storage and transportation of petroleum products, creation of missile technologies). Owner of invaluable experience in SAP implementation and CNC machine programming, Alfred brings to our organization a unique combination of the best traditions of design and technical ideas and the desire to explore new horizons of the profession, going with the times.

  • Nikolay Turbin
    Technical Director

    Technical Director of "Isometics" LLC Nikolay ensures connection of our production with advanced scientific researches. Due to close cooperation with major universities - Penza State University, Belgorod State Technological University named by Shuhov, Voronezh State Architecture University, all the technical development of our company carried out on a broad scientific basis, with the use of actual works of leading contemporary scientists.

  • Nikolay Godinsky
    Chief Specialist of Technical Product Support

    Chief Specialist of Technical Product Support, Nikolay for more than 30 years has held senior positions on leading enterprises not only in Russia and CIS countries, but also abroad. A unique experience in designing and starting of metallurgical plants, development, implementation and improvement of new technologies allow Nikolay to provide our customers with advice and technological support of any level of complexity, searching for each case the only correct individual solution.

  • Sergey Borovinskikh
    Chief Technical Specialist

    Chief Technical Specialist of our company, Sergey has passed the way from assistant steelmaker to the Project Manager of the largest metallurgical complexes. Knowledge of metallurgical manufacturing peculiarities on the inside, repeated studying abroad, successful modernization and starting of equipment produced by «SMS Siemag» and «Siemens Vai» companies (Germany), «Danieli» and «Tenova» (Italy) - all of these testimonies of Sergey’s competence and professionalism ensure correspondence of "Isometics" LLC production with world quality standards.